Wig Trends for 2017:  Your Ultimate Shopping Guide

New Year also means new trend that will soon pop out especially in the fashion industry. When we want to achieve a complete beautiful look, it is essential to look good from our head to toe. In this article, we will talk about the latest trend for our wig this 2017 that presents a multiple creation from the most natural to the most ostentatious looking wig.

Bespoke Wigs

Bespoke wigs or also known as custom wigs are currently the big thing in the industry right now and that trend will continue during this year. They are a perfect fit to your scalp, and they are customized based on your preference. Windblown wave wig is one of the predicted wig trends for 2017.

Uneven Wigs

This 2017, the short, uneven and geometric style of wigs will make a mark in the industry. This is not the same short hairstyle that your mothers have, they are more precise in styling, and it also involves less hair. It is also a great way to test if the short hair will look good on you before you make a drastic change on your hairstyle.

Natural Hair

Most women are now looking for the more natural-looking wigs which prompted the manufacturer to put an emphasis on the quality of their product. From the straight to the curly blonde wigs, the more natural forms of wigs will create a buzz this year.

Finger Waves Wig

This type of wig has been appearing in the fashion runway late last year. It completes the entire trendy look with a small touch of sweetness that softens the entire appearance. The fringes and the curls add a youthful glow. This 1920’s trend will create a comeback this 2017 but with more sophisticated look and a more defined S formation.

These are the wig trends for 2017 that you have to watch out for. Make sure to have at least one wig in your closet that will complete your entire look.

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