What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Love the way my hair extensions feel !!! Britnee has been the best hair stylist I have had. She makes you feel welcomed, comfortable, plus she's very professional and does an outstanding job in getting you beautified. She does it all, from hair extensions to wigs to weaves ... I highly recommend her hair extension. Her product is premium hair quality and last for a very long time... She dedicates her time to make you look exquisite. Glad to have her in my life to uplift my beauty." - Johansy

"I never had extensions until I went to Britnee and it was probably the best decision I have made when it came to my hair. I was always worried that getting extensions would look fake but hers are so natural no one can tell. I love the way she styles and my hair and I am always a happy customer when I leave. They last for a decent amount of time, just having to get them washed once a month. They look and feel great, so they are definitely worth it. An added plus is my natural hair has grown so much and it's all thanks to her. Britnee definitely knows what she is doing I will continue to go to her." - Giovanna B 

"I've been doing my hair with Britnee for over a year now but just recently purchased this hair in the curly pattern about 3 months ago. I was hesitant in getting curly hair due to horrible experiences I've had in the past with tangling and shedding. This hair could not be any softer, the curl pattern is absolutely gorgeous, it straightens beautifully and gives me lots of volume. Versatility is important to be, so I like the fact that I can wear it more than one way. I do not experience tangling or matting of any sort. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my hair and 95% of the time, no one believes I wear extensions. I'm extremely happy with the quality of this hair and highly recommend anyone to give it a try. You will not be disappointed!' - Kathy O

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